Delivery of E-Winch - a fully electric cable capstan winch with 30kN


Shortly before Christmas, we were able to deliver another highlight from our range: the E- Winch - an all-electric cable capstan winch with 30kN.


Our customer Primeo Energie stands for innovative products and services relating to energy and sustainability. We are happy to support this vision with new, emission-free technical solutions.


Some of Primeo Energie's employees took part in the equipment familiarisation and were able to experience first-hand how quiet and relaxed working with the E-Winch can be. The E-Winch is particularly impressive due to its low-maintenance and low-noise operation. Telecommunications or power cables can be laid in pre-installed underground pipes and open trenches at any time of day or night.


Want to find out more? Click here for more information: Cable capstan winches 24-30 kN (




80 years of cumulative experience since 1970 ... how can that be?


The extensive knowledge and many years of experience of our jubilarians form the foundation for the continued success of Vetter GmbH Kabelverlegetechnik. We are proud to be able to congratulate five colleagues on their anniversaries.


Albert has been with us for 30 years and has contributed significantly to many of our product developments. Perhaps your CableJet has already passed through his hands.


Wolfgang is the expert in the field of cable spooling technology and has been part of our team for 20 years. Over the years, he has developed into an absolute specialist for our drum, ring winding and spooling machines.


Three times ten is another thirty years, or rather, a wealth of experience in various fields.


Rosana has been using her versatile skills in the Vetter team for ten years.


Peter has been on board since Vetter Plumett AG was founded ten years ago. He is not only an important contact for Swiss customers, but is also a well-known figure in sales on the German side.


Julien completed his training with us and has remained loyal to us ever since. He has been an essential part of our order processing team for ten years, ensuring that our customers are supplied punctually and reliably.


Thank you very much for your commitment and loyalty.


It is always an outstanding moment for us when we are able to congratulate our long-serving employees. This shows us that we are on the right track with our personnel policy and lets us feel the deep bond between our employees and Vetter GmbH.