Visit soccer school SV Jestetten


Vetter has been supporting charitable projects in the social and sports sector for many years.


Therefore, we visited the junior soccer team of SV Jestetten, for which we provide the training shirts.


It was a lot of fun for us to see the enthusiasm with which the kids pursue their hobby.




For sustainability reasons, we have decided to remove the fax numbers on our website. Therefore, we ask that you contact us by email or phone. Our fax machines are still active in case it should be necessary to fax after all.


New in the Vetter Team


In the last few weeks, we have welcomed four new employees to the team.


Markus Baumann (left) expands the purchasing department in the strategic area.

Markus Mayer (2nd from left) strengthens our IT team with his expertise.

Johannes Billich (2nd from right) takes care of technical sales and teaches seminar contents as a trainer.

Sandro Rizzo (right) ensures customer satisfaction as another member of our service team.


We wish them all much joy in their new tasks.