Seminar programs

The “cable layer” profession is not offered as a skilled occupation in Germany and many other countries. The required expert knowledge must be acquired elsewhere. A rather frequently used method is passing long-standing and familiar ways of working down to the next generation. It is, however, questionable whether this practice still does justice to today’s state of the art and the strongly increased quality requirements. Unfortunately, in many cases it does not!

Today, every successful business needs to make employee motivation and inspiration to continuously strengthen their theoretical and practical expertise its goal.

With our seminars in theory and practice we help you achieve these goals better and faster. Since 1998, close to 8,000 persons from all over Europe have been trained in the cable layer seminars.

Once or twice a year there are also Vetter-seminars in English. If you are interested and would like further information, please contact:

Harald Vetter
Phone: +49 7745/9293-380