Conduit rods for all kind of cable laying

The conduit rod (RS) is an indispensable aid for cable layers and electrical installers. Whether winch cable or electrical cable - the conduit rod allows the material to be drawn into long and curved conduits. The conduit rod with a core made of stiff fibreglass and a protective jacket of smooth polypropylene is characterised by the following invaluable features:

  • Extrem high directional stability, the glass core is about 27 % stronger than the core of any comparable rods on the European market. Not only the external diameter of a conduit rod is important, much more stability depends on the pure glass fibre core diameter. 
  • Low danger of fracture - through the strong glass fibre core! Failures, interruptions and repairs are
    reduced to a minimum. This is your advantage, your benefit it’s pure cost saving.
  • These conduit rods - in their complete construction are adapted to the hard conditions of the job sites. The Vetter conduit rods fulfil the most hard operation conditions without time and money losses.
  • High price level - you think? The opposite - Vetter offers this first quality products for very reasonable prices. One more benefit for you.

Choose the best, it could be the cheapest!