1 | Cable coil winding machine R 41M
Universal winding machine motor-driven with spool take-up and optional ring winder, optionally with manual length measuring device or digital counter with length preselection. Both versions are suitable for cable Ø up to 30 mm and are each without conformity assessment according to EU Directive 2014/32/EU, Annex MI-009.

. This handy universal winding machine is mainly used in electrical wholesalers and in special machine construction. It is intended for frequent and professional winding of smaller cables, wires or ropes onto small spools or rings.

The universal spooling machine R 41M contains a hand-held length measuring device R41M-H12 with mechanical counter without storage of the measured data. The speed is adjusted via a potentiometer.

The R 41MCD can be controlled easily and safely via a touch display on the digital length measuring device, speed adjustment and length preselection are carried out via the touch display.
  • Driving power of electric motor 230 V, 0,75 kW
  • Steel construction as a driveable chassis with 4 steering brake rollers, LxWxH 1185 x 855 x 1475 mm
  • Manual cable laying with electronically continuously variable drive
  • Easy and safe machine operation via safety foot pedal
  • Protective door with safety cut-off
  • Spool holder for spool D max. 800 mm max. spool W 300 mm
  • Coil winder RD 30M for tying cable rings and foldable core (optional)
CodeTypeL-meter For C-D Traversing kg
322320 R 41MR41M-H12 1-30 manual 235,00
322323 R 41MCDCD-Touch-TSG4 1-30 manual 235,22
2 | Coil winder adjustable, foldeable
Coil winder adjustable in diameter and inside width. Front side foldable, for quick creation of cable rings. Incl. cable pull loop for fastening the beginning of the cable in the coiling head before coiling. Incl. clamping eccentric for cable D 1-30. Load capacity 50 kg.

CodeTypeSuitable to Dimension Cable D/m kg
032232022 RD 30MR 41M/MCD D 800/350, B90-200 10/1500, 20/400 20,00