1 | Cable trailer adjustable drawbar
Cable drum trailer with height adjustable draw bar with eye coupling and overrun brake. Tandem axle for speeds up to 80 km/h. Drums are lifted for transport by two swung arms hydraulic operated by motorized hydraulic included drum drive as an accessory. Rigid tubular steel shaft D 76 mm. Rotating as accessory. Further accessory see below.
Payload without accessories. If accessories are mounted like hydr. drum drives etc. the payload reduces according to their weights.
  • Very robust welded construction, complete hot galvanized.
  • Through tandem axle even distribution of the total weight on each wheel.
  • Drum lifting arms operated by double action hydraulic jacks.
CodeTypePayl. Total Drum-D Hitch Int./Ext. kg
342310 KVT 2,7/80A2700 kg 3500 kg 1000-2800 150 kg 1720/2540 920,00
2 | Suspension for subduct drums
Suspension for subduct drums. Incl. drum shafts, distance bushes and clamps.

Attention: please see mobile drum unwinding stand code 344.100 TRG 8120
CodeTypeDrum Drum-D kg/drum kg
342317 ZGH 7/120to 7 pcs. 1200, width 380 appr. 100 kg 154,92
3 | Rear protection gate
Rear protection gate, for Cable trailers KVT 2.6/80 A, plug-in device
The need of a rear protection is subject to national regulations. Independent of this, the rear protection offers a higher safety in the road traffic.
CodeTypeSuitable for Trailer ext. width kg
349838 KUF 270KVT 2.7/80 2540 40,00
4 | Ball coupling
Ball coupling with screws, changeable against height adjustable drawbar eye coupling for trailers with overrun brake.

CodeTypeSuitable for Tot. weight kg
349110 PK 35KVT 2,7/80A 3500 kg 2,50
5 | Rotating drum shafts
Surcharge for rotating drum shafts. All a.m. trailers are fitted with rigid tubular steel drum shafts. With rotating shafts cable drums unwind much easier, they are necessary if the trailer is equipped with a drum drive or a drum disc brake.

CodeTypeSuitable for D/length kg
350785 APR 350KVT 2,7/80 70/2005 44,00
6 | Disc brake mechanic
Disc brake with drum shaft, fork and cones for controlling the unwinding of the cable drum. Manual adjustment by a tommy spindle screw.

CodeTypeSuitable for Action Torsion kg
350856 SVB 400KVT 2,7/80 mechanic 450 Nm 30,00
7 | Drum and jack drive
Cable drum drive both sides, with drive of the hydraulic jacks, with petrol-engine on the trailer for cable trailer KVT 2,7/80. Type TH 400 is only for motor-hydraulic loading and unloading of the drum.

CodeTypeDrive Engine Pull m/min. kg
351560 TVB 400hydraulic Petrol 4 kW 3 kN 0-36 215,00
351570 TH 400hydraulic Petrol 4 kW only for drum jacks --- 30,00