1 | Automatic cable cutting machine
Cable cutter for the repeated automatic measuring and cutting of cables to a preset length. Ideal for measuring and cutting cables in series production.

Compact machine with safety enclosure and integrated 7-inch colour touchscreen. To keep the strain on the operator to a minimum, the cable is pressed pneumatically against the transport belts at the push of a button, which ensures that the cable to be cut is transported smoothly through the cutting device.

The menu on the touchscreen display can be used to preselect the cable lengths and quantities to be cut. Visual and acoustic signals indicate that the job is finished.
  • Preselection of length and quantity for the series production of identical cable lengths
  • Compact machine with integrated 7-inch colour touchscreen
  • Safety enclosure with safety interlock
  • Visual and acoustic signals indicate end of job
CodeTypeC-D Dimensions LxWxH kg
323880 MTR50/AR1-44 mm 100x650x900 mm 194,00
2 | Substructure for MTR50/AR
Substructure for MTR50/AR with or without wheels
CodeTypeBase frame kg
32388010 MTR50-Gwithout wheels 25,00
32388014 MTR50-GRwith wheels 25,00
3 | Cutting devices for MTR50/AR
Electrical or hydraulic cutting unit with automatic actuation when the preselected cable length has been reached.

The hydraulic cutting unit is recommended for solid, stiff cables.
CodeTypeDrive kg
32388018 MTR50-S50ELElectrical 0,01
32388022 MTR50-SH51Hydraulic 0,01
4 | Kabelablagefächer zu MTR50/AR
Detachable cable storage tray in various lengths to catch the cut cables.
CodeTypeWidth Length kg
32388026 MTR50-KAF150/25250 mm 1500 mm 5,00
32388030 MTR50-KAF200/25250 mm 2000 mm 7,00
32388034 MTR50-KAF300/25250 mm 3000 mm 8,00