Firstly, we would like to stress that we do not conduct any kind of cable laying or cable installation work. This is your task and we will therefore refer directly to you for any inquiries in this area.

It is our task is to inform you about and familiarise you with the latest methods and products for a economical and successful cable laying, and to provide you with an answer and a solution to all questions or issues, where possible.

Let us assume that you receive a task, but are not yet familiar with its planning and calculation and you do not quite know which investment you are facing to realise the task. Before submitting an offer to your customer, it would be advisable to give us a quick call. We can point out to you any particularities, costs and other important items. We are very confident that we have solved similar cases before in our day-to-day conversations with many customers.

With our free advice and support, you can then get cracking on the job with a sense of assurance!