New Products

Cable coiling and spooling machine with laser safety grid


The latest generation DE 30LG universal cable spooling machine is equipped with a laser safety grid instead of a mechanical grid.


  • Contactless protection for increased safety
  • Unrestricted access and flexibility
  • Saves time and increases efficiency


For spooling small cables, wires or ropes from delivery spools onto rings.


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Mobile, battery-operated capstan winch


The mobile, battery-operated PCW 3000-Li capstan winch with aluminium single-disc capstan enables flexible and emission-free work even in less accessible vegetation. It is ideal for short cable pulling operations. 


The capstan head offers two significant advantages over conventional drum winches: 


  • A lightweight polyester rope can be used and the rope length can be freely selected as it can be wound around the capstan head at any point. 
  • The pulling force and speed always remain the same because there is only one layer of rope on the capstan head at any one time.


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Coming soon ... Microsender SKS 03 for 7 x 1,5 mm pipes


The SKS 03 micro-transmitter is the result of extensive research and development - the result of close co-operation between Vetter and Vesala.


Until now, reliable quality control prior to blowing in the fibre optic cable was not possible. Faults or problems with the subducts were often recognised too late.

With the SKS 03 micro-transmitter, we are taking the decisive step towards error-free and efficient installation right into the building.


The advanced technology of the micro-transmitter enables faster implementation of fibre optic connections. 


The SKS 03 micro-transmitter is the optimum solution for subducts with an internal diameter of 4.0 mm. This means that the SKS 03 can be used for house connections with 7x1.5 mm pipes - an unprecedented technical solution that opens up completely new and efficient possibilities. 

A maximum of 4 bar is sufficient for calibration. The micro transmitter was able to prove this over a distance of 1250 metres.


  • Transmission depth: 2 m
  • Transmission time: 6 h
  • Transmitter diameter/length: 2.8 mm / 61.5 mm
  • Transmitter length incl. calibre: 114 mm
  • Calibre size: 3.2 mm


Attention: The transmitter may only be used in conjunction with the SC39 Catching device Micro transmitter!






Automatic cable cutting machine


Ideal machine for measuring and cutting cables in series production.


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Catching device Micro transmitter


Catching device micro transmitter SC39


Our newly developed catching device prevents the micro transmitter from being damaged or destroyed.

The micro transmitter runs into the catching device and is caught in the circular guide until it comes to a standstill.


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Drum holder for forklift KLG 160


The newly developed robust device is perfect for safe transport of drums with the help of a forklift.


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