Vetter on the move


In order to further develop the organisation and to secure the future of our company, we started building our new “Customer and Training Centre” on our adjacent plot of land in spring 2019.

Amongst other things, the new building will offer a seminar room, two demonstration rooms for practical training, a showroom and four offices.

The new capacities and opportunities will be made available to our customers and employees from early 2020.



Mindful Process Management (MPM)


At the same time as construction commenced in spring 2019, we decided to introduce Mindful Process Management (MPM).

Mindful Process Management contains deliberately designed work processes derived from the strategy and customer requirements, taking into consideration the work-life balance of every single employee.

MPM encompasses the three pillars of process development, process management and the process culture.

To achieve common understanding, the management and all employees attended an initial workshop.

The qualification in the eleven business processes will be completed by the end of 2020.



Environmental protection and sustainability

Environmental protection and sustainability are important to us. We installed the second photovoltaic plant in 2019, which means we now have a total output of 105 kW and only have to resort to electricity from the grid on rare occasions. Moreover, we can use the PV plant to feed four power charging stations to charge up the hybrid or electric cars of our employees and customers.