Our vision

We network people, create trust and ensure a better quality of life through the balance between people, working culture and the environment.

Our mission

We inspire our customers with innovative services and contribute to the expansion of broadband and the energy revolution. That is our contribution to a modern, high-quality and sustainable infrastructure.

Our slogan


Principles of our organisation


Our strength lies in providing detailed and comprehensive customer support – in person or over the phone. Fulfilling customer requirements and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction are at the heart of everything we do. For an even better understanding of our customers’ requirements, we regularly visit them or invite them to visit us to discuss matters pertaining to process development.


On the basis of the customer requirements, we only offer products and services that have the greatest possible benefit for our customers. Moreover, the value of any possible sale that we conclude is subordinate to our actions.


We all work and act in accordance with the processes jointly defined in Mindful Process Management (MPM). Each process begins and ends with a service, both for internal and for external customers. All processes are dynamic and are jointly adapted and adopted by the process circles as required.


The satisfaction of our employees and their sense of attachment to our company are important to us. We give all employees the possibility to participate and to accept responsibility in regularly held process circles. The occupational safety, health and work-life balance of our employees are of central importance to us. A pro-active occupational health management system exists for dealing with these matters.


Regular and structured discussions with our employees about behaviour and performance and understanding their sensitivities are important to us. We regularly and specifically support personal and professional development and avoid placing excessive demands on our employees. Our management style is appreciative and builds trust; we see the main task of management as being to convey to all employees the meaning and goals of their personal remit and the company’s activities. Through their understanding, we promote joy and motivation in their work.


Our reputation, the preservation of human traits and the independence of our family-owned business take top priority. Respectful cooperation, mutual trust and communication that is unbiased and free from conflict are important to us. These form the basis of our actions on every level of our organisation.


In terms of staff, space and technology, we ensure that the necessary resources and equipment are available throughout the company and in all processes. All equipment is state of the art and is replaced the instant it is no longer able to guarantee occupational safety or effectiveness. We have a forward-looking personnel planning system and give new employees sufficient time to settle in. We capture the constantly growing knowledge of our organisation in the knowledge database “Vetter Knowledge” and make it available to all employees.

Environment and sustainability

In all processes, we use tools that are manufactured to be as thrifty as possible in their consumption of resources, gentle on the environment in their use and re-usable to the greatest extent possible. A proportion of our internal power supply comes from solar energy and we provide power charging stations for the vehicles of our customers and employees. We are swiftly implementing the digitisation of our processes as a way to reduce the consumption of paper. For the ongoing collection of ideas and to investigate the potential for additional environmental and sustainability measures, we convene an environment and sustainability committee twice a year.