1 | Duct calibration set
Conduit calibration and leakage-test unit. Calibration and leakage-test before starting the cable blowing-in procedure is the safest guarantee for successful installation of fibre optic cables. Unit consisting of:
  • Compressed air regulator with adjustable tripod.
  • 6 m high pressure hose, calibre D 35, transmitter, for duct-D 50x4,6.
  • All other diam. of calibres are available, please see extensions below.
  • With conduit plug and catch box for the piston.
  • With electronic detector 33 kHz . Compl. set in alu-case 780x380x330.
CodeTypeD-ID kg
231601 RKV 4040-41 27,00
2 | Calibre extension set
Supplementary extension set for calibration and leakage test unit.

CodeTypeD-ID kg
231602 RKVE 3333-34 2,60
231603 RKVE 2727-28 2,00
3 | Calibre housings
Calibre housings of polyamide with sleeve rings, without transmitter. Calibre length 145 mm, total length 250 mm

CodeTypeCalibre D/L/total D-ID kg
231646 MKV 3535/145/250 40-41 0,36
2316475 MKV 2828/145/250 33-34 0,29
231648 MKV 2525/145/250 27-28 0,32
4 | Miniature transmitter D 18 mm
Miniature transmitter D 18x88 mm, suitable for all a. m. calibres.

CodeTypeD/L Frequ. Thread Depth Cap. kg
231621 SKS 18N18/88 33 kHz M 10 8,0 m 20 h 0,23
5 | Conduit plug for duct-OD
Conduit plug for fixing on duct-OD with hose safety coupling applicable for duct calibration, duct pressure tests, duct cleaning etc.

CodeTypeD-OD Press. kg
2316513 KRA 3232 to 6 bar 0,50
231651 KRA 4040 to 6 bar 0,84
231650 KRA 5050 to 6 bar 0,90
231649 KRA 6363 to 6 bar 1,00
2316541 KRA 110110 to 6 bar 3,20
6 | Sealing plug
Conduit sealing plug applicable for duct pressure tests.

CodeTypeD-OD Press. kg
273569 ENSA 2020 to 6 bar 0,07
273572 ENSA 3232 to 6 bar 0,10
273575 ENSA 4040 to 6 bar 0,23
273580 ENSA 5050 to 6 bar 0,29
273585 ENSA 6363 to 6 bar 0,40
273586 ENSA 110110 to 6 bar 1,93
7 | Pipe leakage test set
Pipe leakage test set 0-10 bar, for testing of 1-4 ducts simultaneously, independent of the diameter.

CodeTypeFor kg
2316291 RDP 10/11 duct 16,50
2316293 RDP 10/44 ducts 36,00
8 | Pressure recorder
Pressure recording device in completion to a. m. calibration and leakage unit. Electronic measuring of pressure and hardcopy on paper and storage for further computer handling of the data.

CodeTypeFor Max. test press. kg
231733 DRG 10any duct-D 10 bar 8,60
9 | Subduct calibration sets
The calibration sets MKV 0810 and MKV 1116 in conjunction with the micro- transmitter SKS 6 (code-no. 231941) are destined for the calibration of subducts with an internal diameter 8,0 to 16,0 mm. The calibration can be done for single subducts as well as for multi subducts. By the calibration defects or blockages on the subducts can be detected in advance thus a good blowing-in performance can be achieved.
The MKV 0810 set contains two calibres with different diameters for the calibration of subducts with internal diameter 8,0 or 9,8-10,0 mm. The MKV 1116 set contains three different calibres for testing subducts of ID 11,4-16,0 mm. The calibres are easily screwed onto the micro-transmitter and blown through the subducts by air-pressure. The set also contains all essential connectors, reducing nipples as well as a catcher for the micro-transmitter. The catcher has to be used in order to avoid damages to the micro-transmitter. The air-pressure for the calibration has to be limited to max. 4 bars for MKV 0810 and to max. 2 bars for MKV 1116. By applying a higher pressure the micro-transmitter might be damaged by hitting duct blockages or by hard crashing into the catcher at the very end. The set contains the following parts:
  • MKV 0810 with: each 3 calibre D 6,8 for ID 8,0 / 3 calibre D 8,5 for ID 9,8-10
  • MKV 1116 with: each 3 calibre D 9,5 / ID 11,4-12 / 3 calibre D 11,0 / ID 15-16 / 3 calibre D 12,5 / ID 15-16.
  • 6 washers to each calibre
  • 5 sponges for each calibre. 1 general catcher and different connectors and duct-reducers
  • Depending on the duct diameters different air connectors are necessary, see the following tables.
  • SKS 06, Detection frequency 33 kHz, detection depth in the ground max. 2,0 m
CodeTypeDevice Subduct-ID Case kg
231950 MKV 0810Calibration set 8-10 180x140x80 1,43
231952 MKV 1116Calibration set 11,4-16 442x357x151 5,00
231941 SKS 06Micro transmitter D 6,5x84 --- 0,17
231943 BAT 06Set of batteries 10 each --- 0,04
10 | Calibration Set for Subducts 10/06
The calibration set MKK 0606 in conjunction with the micro transmitter SKS 04 is foreseen to calibrate subducts with inner diameter D 6.0 mm only. The calibration can be performed for single subducts as well as for multi subducts in buried and protective pipe installed versions. This new calibration set supports the blowing-in of mini- and micro cables on a completely new level since the quality of a sub duct installation can be checked in general.

The set comprises of 3 calibres with protection sponge having a diameter of 4.8 mm, a collecting device for the pipe end, a spare battery cover and 2 spare batteries.
The calibre will be simply unscrewed on the micro transmitter and with the sponge ahead blown-into the pipes using compressed air. The micro transmitter is a precision engineered measuring device, which has to be handled in the civil engineering with special care. Never operate the transmitter without protection sponge, bumper and collecting device fixed at the end of the pipe. Attentions should be paid to max. possible bending radius and air injection pressure - too high air pressure can cause damages on the calibration set.

During backward blowing the enclosed collecting device has to be used or at least a sufficient padding of another collecting device shall be implemented.
  • Calibration set MKK 0606 including 3 calibres D 4,8 for ID 6,0 mm
  • 20 sponges and collecting device at the pipe end for collection of the calibre
  • 1 Micro Transmitter SKS 04, detection frequency 33 kHz, sensitivity in earth max. 2,0 m
  • Max. injection pressure 5 bar, 4 bar is sufficient for horizontal routes
  • Min. bending radius for subducts 175 mm, smaller radius cause unavoidable a blockage
  • Batteries of the larger micro transmitter SKS 06 are used
CodeTypeDevice Subduct-ID Case kg
231930 MKK 0606Calibration set 6,0 180x140x80 1,00
231943 BAT 06Set of batteries 10 pcs. -- 0,04
11 | Low pressure test set
The low pressure test sets are used exclusively for leakage testing cable conduits with small wall thicknesses which are used for pulling different types of cable. The low pressure test is intended to provide proof of tightness to prevent ingress of ground water, alluvial sand, sediments etc. These elements contaminate the cable conduit and complicate the pulling of cables. The low-pressure test set is based on the proven Vetter DRG 10 "high-pressure" leakage test unit and is offered in 3 versions which also relate to existing assemblies.
The test method resorts to existing regulations for the acceptance of sewers and drains. Only the "Air" version is used for the testing of cable conduits. Low pressure testing of cable conduits is currently still being requested by clients with the "Air" method, version LC, in accordance with DIN EN 1610. DIN EN 1610 is still valid, but somewhat outdated. Work sheet DWA-A 139-2009-12 is used to introduce changes for leakage testing according to the "Air" method. With respect to the above mentioned regulation, these changes affect designation and test duration.
  • The client decides which test method to use.
  • Method LC: test pressure 0.1 bar (100 mbar, 10 kPa), for 3 min., adm. pressure drop 15 mbar (1.5 kPa)
  • Method LE: test pressure 0.1 bar (100 mbar, 10 kPa), for 1.5 min., adm. pressure drop 15 mbar (1.5 kPa)
  • In special cases Deutsche Telekom may request a duct leakage test. The following test data are requested:
  • Test pressure 0,6-1,5 bar (subject to the depth), test duration 1 min.
  • Test pressure > 1 bar must be tested with 10 bar pressure sensor DRG 10
CodeTypeExplanation kg
231750 NDAsee above 0,00
12 | Low pressure add-on test set
This test system is an extension of the DRG 10 pressure recorder the user has available for testing cable conduits to blow up to 10 bar.

CodeTypeDesignation kg
231752 NDA 01Low pressure add-on test set 22,00
13 | Low pressure test set without battery printer
This complete test system works independently without printer. The measurement data is stored in the system and can be transferred to any PC and processed by means of an infrared interface cable forming part of the system.

CodeTypeDesignation kg
231754 NDO 01Low pressure test set without battery printer 26,00
14 | Low pressure test set with battery printer
This complete test system works independently with a battery printer. The measurement data is stored in the system and can be printed directly on the battery printer. The measurement data can also be transferred to a PC and processed by means of an infrared interface cable forming part of the system.

CodeTypeDesignation kg
231756 NDM 01Low pressure test set with battery printer 28,00
15 | Electric diaphragm pump
Electric diaphragm pump to inflate the pipelines to be tested during low pressure testing, including claw coupling 42. Max. pressure 200 mbar
  • Displacement at 100 mbar pressure: 160 l/min.
  • Displacement at 200 mbar pressure: 120 l/min.
CodeTypeEl-connection Sound L/W/H mm kg
231760 MPU 120230V/95W 45 db(A) 214/185/211 6,50
16 | Shut-off bladder Mini
Shut-off bladders to lock off the pipeline to be tested. Shut-off bladders are used on the opposite side of the test location. The short dimensions of the Mini version allow space-saving installation of pipe bends also.

CodeTypeFor pipe-ID Cyl.-D Cyl.-L Total-L kg
231768 SBM 7/1070-100 68 130 175 0,40
231770 SBM 8/1580-150 72 120 170 0,40
231772 SBM 12/20125-200 115 150 195 0,80
17 | Test bladder Mini
Test bladders Mini for testing and shutting off pipes for low pressure testing.

Air coupling (brass) standard for bladder extension. Air coupling (chromed) special CE-standard 10.4 mm, for inflating the duct.
CodeTypeFor pipe-ID Cyl.-D Cyl.-L Total-L kg
231778 PBM 7/1070-100 68 190 340 0,73
231780 PBM 10/15100-150 90 150 300 1,33
231782 PBM 15/20150-200 145 195 345 2,83
18 | Foot pump with double stroke
Foot pump with double stroke and safety valve 2.5 bar to inflate SBM shut-off bladders and PBM test bladders. The use of a second foot pump for the second pipe end saves considerable installation time.

CodeTypePress. kg
231786 FP 2.52,5 bar 2,40