1 | Cable unwinder
Cable unwinder for small drums, even with damaged flanged wheels for electric installation works. Tubular steel construction galvanized. Consisting of: basic frame with 2 rubber coated wheels, one drum shaft D 25 mm with 2 cones of polyamide for hole diameter 25-80 mm.
  • Collapsible for easy transportation to the site.
  • Easy movable with the drum through big rubber coated wheels.
  • For drum-D to 800 and drum widths to 530, drum weight max. 200 kg
  • As accessory steel tube drum shaft D 50, ball bearings, 2 clamps, for cones see table below.
CodeTypeEquipment Shaft Cones for kg
320290 KTA 8Winder as above D 25 Hole D 25-80 11,60
320292 KTA 8WSteel tube shaft D 50 See next line 2,05
315504 ZKP 50-80Poly-cone (1 each) D 50 Hole-D 50-80 0,15
3155045 ZKP 50-108Poly-cone (1 each) D 50 Hole-D 50-108 0,39
2 | Drum unwinding stand for FOC
Drum unwinding stand for FOC or subduct drums, galvanized. Equipped with a lightweight aluminium shaft D 75 mm with drum shaft securing and 2 clamps.
  • Sturdy steel construction, hot galvanized, easy dismountable by hand for transportation.
  • Two crank spindles to lift the stand for unwind cables in any position.
  • High stability under load even in uneven places.
  • For drum-D to 1400, and drum width to 900, drum weight max. 500 kg.
  • As accessory alu-drum shaft D 50, ball bearings, order clamps and cones separately, see table below.
  • Dimensions mounted: L/W/H 1450/1400/689.
CodeTypeEquipment Shaft Cones for kg
344355 TRG 1140Winder as above D 75 --- 96,00
350592 TAK 5013Alu drum shaft D 50 --- 7,40
315030 KSV 51Shaft clamps D 50 --- 1,30
315504 ZKP 50-80Poly-cone (1 each) D 50 Hole-D 50-80 0,15
3155045 ZKP 50-108Poly-cone (1 each) D 50 Hole-D 50-108 0,39
3 | Cable trailer straight or adjustable drawbar
Cable drum trailer with straight or height adjustable draw bar and overrun brake for speeds up to 80 km/h. For loading the support arms are swung down and then raised picking up the drum by a single hand winch. Rigid tubular steel shaft D 76 mm. Rotating alu-shaft D 75 mm as accessory. Further accessory see below.
Payload without accessories. If accessories are mounted like hydr. drum drives etc. the payload reduces according to their weights.
  • Types G - with straight draw bar can only be equipped with ball coupling
  • Types H - with adjustable draw bar equipped with eye coupling, ball coupling as accessory
  • Suitable for one-man operation
  • Complete trailer hot galvanized
  • Rotating alu shafts as accessory, see below.
  • Drum band brake as accessory, see below.
CodeTypePayl. Total Drum-D Hitch Int./Ext. kg
342088 KVS 1000/80G980 kg 1300 kg 600-1650 75 kg 1300/2140 320,00
342131 KVS 1500/80G1500 kg 2100 kg 600-2400 100 kg 1580/2450 590,00
342146 KVS 2000/80G2000 kg 2600 kg 600-2400 100 kg 1580/2450 600,00
342093 KVS 1000/80H930 kg 1300 kg 600-1650 75 kg 1300/2140 370,00
342136 KVS 1500/80H1500 kg 2200 kg 600-2400 120 kg 1580/2450 670,00
342151 KVS 2000/80H2000 kg 2700 kg 600-2400 120 kg 1580/2450 700,00
4 | Rotating drum shafts
Surcharge for rotating drum shafts. All a.m. trailers are fitted with rigid tubular steel drum shafts. With rotating shafts cable drums unwind much easier, they are necessary if the trailer is equipped with a drum drive or a drum disc brake.

CodeTypeSuitable for D/length kg
350787 APR 750KVS 1000G+H 75/1450 19,80
350788 APR 752KVS 1500-2000G+H 75/1730 20,30
5 | Rear protection gate
Rear protection gate, for Cable trailers KVS 1000-2000 G+H, hot galvanized.
The need of a rear protection is subject to national regulations. Independent of this, the rear protection offers a higher safety in the road traffic.
CodeTypeSuitable for Trailer ext. width kg
349820 KUF 100KVS 1000G+H 2140 16,00
349826 KUF 200KVS 1500-2000G+H 2450 30,00
6 | Position lights
Position lights 12 volt, in front of the trailers KVS 1000-2000 G + H, according to the law of some countries

CodeTypeSuitable for kg
349550 KPL 12KVS 1000-2000G+H 3,00
7 | Ball coupling
Ball coupling with screws, changeable against height adjustable drawbar eye coupling for trailers with overrun brake.

CodeTypeSuitable for Tot. weight kg
349190 PK 25KVS 1000-2000H 3200 kg 2,90
8 | Cable drum band brake
Cable drum band brake for KVS 1000-2000/80 without shaft, to screw on rotating alu shaft. This band brake avoids uncontrolled unwinding of the cable drum. Mostly used for unwinding overhead lines.

CodeTypeSuitable for Braking at cable kg
350842 BTB 202KVS 1000-2000G+H approx. 2,0 kN 10,00
9 | Drum drive one side
Drum drive one side for cable trailers KVS 1000-2000/80, but not suitable for all types, see table below. Hydraulic or pneumatic, without hoses and power packs.

CodeTypeSuitable for Drive Pull m/min. kg
351210 TZ 200KVS 1000G+H hydraul. 1,5 kN 0-120 69,00
351220 TZ 203KVS 1500-2000/80H hydraul. 1,5 kN 0-120 69,00
10 | Hydraulic power pack mobile
Hydraulic power pack for cable drum drive, with petrol- or Diesel engine equipped with rapid hose couplings.
  • The hydraulic power pack must not be mounted on drawing bar of the trailer, the hitch load would be to high.
  • For control of the winding speed please order below mentioned hydraulic hose combination
CodeTypeSuitable for Hydr. pack Press. L/W/H mm kg
351330 THF 203Bdrum drives petrol 9,6 kW 160 bar 854/457/507 74,00
351332 THF 203Ddrum drives diesel 6,8 kW 160 bar 854/457/507 95,00
11 | Hydraulic hose set
Hydraulic hose set 7 m, with volume governor for hydraulic power packs.

CodeTypeLength Flow governor kg
425381 SL 77 m to 30 l/min 13,20