1 | Cable winding units stationary
Cable winding and unwinding stands, stationary or for mounting on lorries etc. For drums up to 10 t. See accessories like drum drives, drum brakes etc. Techn. details see table below. Please ask for our more extensive offers.
  • As winding unit with drum drive, accessory see below.
  • As unwinding unit with drum disc brake, accessory see below.
  • The both units can be combined to a complete cable winding plant.
  • Between the units a traversing table with length measuring and control instruments can be placed.
CodeTypeCap. Drum-D Int./ext. width/length kg
331350 KTU 3 ST3 t 800-2500 1740/1960/2000 420,00
331500 KTU 6 ST6 t 800-3000 1740/2000/2200 470,00
331650 KTU 10 ST10 t 800-3300 1940/2240/2600 540,00
2 | Cable winding units mobile
Cable winding and unwinding stands, mobile by 2 steering and 2 fixed wheels with parking brake. See accessories like drum drives, drum brakes etc. Techn. details see table below. Please ask for our more extensive offers.
  • Wheels are coated with high wattage polyurethane.
  • Suitable for speeds to 6 km/h.
  • See accessories like drum electric, hydraulic drives, drum brakes etc.
CodeTypeCap. Drum-D Int./ext. width/length kg
331400 KTU 3 FA3 t 1000-2500 1740/1960/2100 450,00
331550 KTU 6 FA6 t 1000-3000 1740/2000/2340 500,00
331700 KTU 10 FA10 t 1000-3300 1915/2240/2670 570,00
331708 KTU 15 FA15 t 1200-3300 1915/2590/3315 785,00
3 | Cable winding units stationary
Cable winding and unwinding stands, with hydraulic lift, stationary or for mounting on lorries, wagons etc. For drums up to 6 t. Incl. rotating drum shaft D 76 mm with drum fixing clamps.

Accessories are available like drum drives and drum brakes. Please ask for our more extensive offers.
CodeTypeCap. Drum-D Int./ext. width/length kg
331442 KTU 3 LH3 t 800-2800 1740/2000/2200 470,00
331562 KTU 6 LH6 t 800-3300 1740/2040/2600 520,00
331563 KTU 6 LH6 t 800-3300 1940/2240/2600 540,00
4 | Cable winding units stationary
Cable winding and unwinding stands, without hydraulic lift, stationary or for mounting on lorries, wagons etc. For drums up to 6 t. Incl. rotating drum shaft D 76 mm with drum fixing clamps.

Accessories are available like drum drives and drum brakes. Please ask for our more extensive offers.
CodeTypeCap. Drum-D Int./ext. width/length kg
331454 KTU 3 LS3 t 800-2800 1740/2000/2200 390,00
331566 KTU 6 LS6 t 800-3300 1740/2040/2600 460,00
331567 KTU 6 LS6 t 800-3300 1940/2240/2600 500,00
5 | Retainer for fork lifts
Retainer for fork lifts for KTU 3-10 ST, LH and LS, not for FA. for loading the unloaded machines without a cable drum on lorries or wagons. Max. size of the fork tooth see table below. Applicable from the front and the side part. This support can be mounted also as retrofitting part on all machines supplied after 01.08.2012.

CodeTypeSuitable to For fork tooth kg
331458 GAB 3-STKTU 3 ST 125x50 64,00
331590 GAB 6-STKTU 6 ST 150x50 55,00
331715 GAB 10-STKTU 10 ST 125x50 60,00
6 | Hydraulic jack lifter
Hydraulic jack lifting device. Electro-hydraulic power pack, 3 kW/400V motor. Individual control of the lifting jacks. Only for initial configuration, not for retrofitting.

CodeTypeSuitable for kg
333287 HAE 310KTU 3-10 without drum drive 24,00
333288 HAE 311KTU 3-10 with drum drive 24,00
7 | Drum drive over flange
Drum drive for winding or unwinding of cables up to D 120 mm over the drum flanges. Suitable for cable winding stands KTU. Infinitely variable speed. Techn. details see below. Please ask for a more extensive offer.
  • Driving drum diameter, see individual KTU-Types ..ST, or ..FA.
  • TEEL 502 available as retrofitting part, for mounting on customers equipments, see pdf-drawing on the left.
  • Winding force 5,0 kN on core diam. and 2,5 kN on ext. diameter
  • Winding speed adjustable from 2-40 m/min.
  • Hand pump can be replaced by electro-motor-hydraulic Code 333.288
CodeTypeFor Drive kW Drum lift kg
333250 TEE 502KTU 3-6 El.-mech. 1,5 without 263,00
333254 TEE 534KTU 10 El.-mech. 1,5 without 284,00
8 | Stepped bushes
Stepped bushes of polyamide for shafts, with steps for drum bores according to DIN.

CodeTypeFor shaft Steps-D kg
315510 ZBP 76D 76 103/125/140 0,87
315515 ZBP 90D 90 125/140 0,64
9 | Clamps for drum shafts
Clamps, new construction reinforced, hinged, for drum shafts for lateral fixing of the cable drum on drum shafts of steel or alu. Hinged version, steel galvanized. Width 61 mm.

CodeTypeFor shaft Width kg
315045 KSV 76D 75-76 61 1,50
315050 KSV 90D 89-90 61 1,70
10 | Preparation for drum drive
Preparation of the drum shafts, its necessary if a KVS type is equipped with a hydraulic drum drive or with a drum disc brake. Instead of clamps two locating cones are supplied.

CodeTypeFor shaft Steps-D kg
350800 VAB 760D 75-76 140/130/125/105/100/90 7,00
11 | Cable drum disc brake
Cable drum disc brake with drum fork for controlled unwinding of cable or line drums. Hand mechanical setting of the braking force. To use it with KVH-types code 350.790 APR 690 is necessary.

CodeTypeOperation Braking At the cable kg
350860 STB 400mechanic 3200 Nm approx. 4 kN 46,00
12 | Cable drum disc brake hydraulic
Cable drum disc brake without drum fork for controlled unwinding of cable drums. Hand mechanic or hand hydraulic setting of the braking force. Suitable for all KTU 3-10 ST und FA. To use it with KTU code 350.800, VAB 760 and a drum fork are necessary. Techn. details see table below.

CodeTypeOperation Braking At the cable kg
350870 STC 400hand-hydraulic 3200 Nm approx. 4 kN 39,00
13 | Coil winders for KTU
Coil winder for cable winding stands KTU 3-10, for serving cable rings. Steel construction galvanized. Order support separately. See table below.

CodeTypeC-Winder dim. Int. width kg
331250 RW 800800/500-430 250 37,00
331280 RW 10001000/600-550 300 56,00
331310 RW 14001400/1050-1000 300 86,00
331330 RA 8014Locating device for coil winders 8,00
14 | Cable traversing table
Cable traversing table for mounting cable length measuring machines. Moving manual according to the natural cable layering on the drum. Mobile equipment, to fix on the floor. Height adjustable by hand crank. Without cable length measuring device.

CodeTypeFor KTU Length meter L/W/H mm kg
335575 LST 1253-10 ST/FA MZ 60-80/KLM 120 1940x1230x945-1375 145,00
15 | Cable and wire length measuring machines
Cable and wire length measuring machines with mechanical counter without data storage, for stationary applications. Very robust steel construction. Due to the big perimeter of 1 m, high accuracy of ± 0,5 %, accuracy class III, at temperatures of 5-40°C.
Without conformity assessment. May only be used for purely internal use, not for sales of cables. Conformity assessment procedure according to Module F1 is possible, which allows direct sales of cables.
  • Types MZ ... only for insulated cables, types MZ ... S also for bare metal goods.
  • The accuracy refers to a calibrated cable of a length of at least 10 m.
  • Measuring machines for cable bigger than Ø 60 mm are available on request.
  • In the winding machines DTR/TR/TRG the electronic pre-set counter is installed as standard.
CodeTypeC-D St-rope L/W/H mm kg
323770 MZ 6010-60 no 700/360/600 54,00
323775 MZ 60S10-60 6-32 700/360/600 54,00
16 | Roller bow
Roller bow for unwinding cables from drum of upper drum stands. For fitting at cable length measuring machines MZ or M. Steel rollers D 25 mm.
  • Type RB 6090 - 90° deviation for unwinding from upper drum stands, 15 steel rollers D 25.
CodeTypeSuitable for C-D Pass Bend L/W/H mm kg
322781 RB 6090MZ + M 60 max. 60 65x65 90° 450x200x500 13,00
17 | Cable length measuring machine
Cable length measuring machine, very robust construction, measuring wheel circumference of 500 mm, with mechanical counter up to 9999,99 m. Accuracy ± 0,4 %. Figure height 7 mm. Can be equipped with a pre-set counter as accessory with automatic stop facility.

CodeTypeC-D St-rope L/W/H mm kg
262610 KLM 12020-120 no 505/280/600 67,00
18 | Electronic pre-set counter
Electronic pre-set counter 230V/AC, without cables, with control panel. For pre-set of the cable length with automatic stop facility. Only for single cable length measuring machines. Select cable as accessory in your length.

CodeTypeSuitable for Cable length kg
03227641 ZE 212PMZ 20-80+KLM 120 without 4,60
03227651 KA 2MZ 20-80+KLM 120 2,0 m 0,30
03227661 KA 5MZ 20-80+KLM 120 5,0 m 0,40
03227671 KA 10MZ 20-80+KLM 120 10,0 m 0,50
19 | Conformity assessment for MZ/M 20-60/S
Application of the new EU directive 2014/32/EU (MID) has become compulsory on 1 November 2016 and it has been implemented in German law in the Verification Act (MessEG) as well as the Verification Ordinance (MessEV). Apart from the correct measurement of lengths, the requirements for the recording, confirmability and traceability of the measurements have been tightened considerably. The main change is the demand for permanent and non-corruptible storage of all measurements.

Specifically, the legislator demands that information on each measurement be stored securely, permanently and unchangeably. Apart from the actual length, the date and time of the measurement as well as information about the measuring instrument used are of relevance. All of these data are to be identified by means of an unambiguous and unique identifier, the objective being to ensure continuous traceability of each measurement. This means that machines may only be brought onto the market if they meet these requirements and have been accepted by a conformity assessment body (e.g. German Physical and Technical Institute, PTB, or the verification office) by way of a conformity assessment. The successful assessment of the measuring instruments is confirmed by the declaration of conformity issued by the manufacturer (e.g. Vetter) and is valid throughout Europe.

For companies who wish to sell the cables to third parties in the normal course of business, this means that only length measuring instruments meeting these requirements may be procured in future. The purchaser of a measuring machine with declaration of conformity is obliged to register the measuring machine with the competent verification office (in Germany www.eichamt.de) immediately following the acquisition. Machines with a declaration of conformity from Vetter are deemed duly verified until expiry of the respective nationally regulated verification period. In Germany the rule is that validity of the conformity assessment is of two years. In retail sale the validity is unlimited as long as no seal is damaged or the maximum number of errors permitted in service is not exceeded. Divergent regulations may apply in other countries. These are obtainable from the applicable national laws.

On expiry of the conformity assessment for the above-mentioned reasons, the competent verification office must carry out a reverification. Before this reverification, examination, adjustment and calibration of the measuring machine by trained personnel is recommended.

Thanks to the EU type examination certificate issued by the Federal Institute of Metrology METAS in Switzerland, machines of the new M series from Vetter can be used throughout Europe, irrespective of whether for use as measuring instruments on coiling machines or as a stand-alone solution for individual use. They offer the demanded uniformity, security, transparency and confirmability for buyers and sellers of cables within the European Economic Area. At the same time, the modular concept of the new series also enables use in direct sales or purely internal use and thus rounds off the complete range of applications for cable length measurement.

The Vetter cable measuring machines from the M 20-M60S series correspond to accuracy class III (+/- 0.5 %) ac-cording to EU Directive 2014/32/EU (MID) at temperatures of 5-40 °C with a minimum cable measuring length of 5 m for M machines and 10 m for MZ 20-M60S machines.
  • KT 001 - Declaration for MZ-MZ/S, with mechanical counter, only for direct sales or purely internal use.
  • KT 002 - Declaration for M-M/S, with electronical counter, for business use in absence of the buyer.
CodeTypeModule For kg
323700 KT 001F1 MZ 20-MZ 60S 0,01
323705 KT 002B+F M 20-M 60S 0,01
20 | Calibration of length measuring machines HK/HD/KDM/KLM/MZ
To confirm the testing of length measuring devices, HK/HD/KDM/KLM/MZ, according to ISO 9001 and other QM systems the calibration (KA 001) executed by Vetter is sufficient in most cases. On the other hand the calibration does not replace the EU conformity assessment whenever it comes to commercial sales of cables.

CodeType kg
323710 KA 001 0,01