Cable rewinding systems

These KTU devices offer numerous possibilities for drums weighing from 3 to 10 tons with diameters of up to 3,300 mm. Both individual winding and unwinding units as well as complete systems can be assembled on site as required. The drum drives can be electrically frequency controlled or hydraulically powered.

These devices, whether stationary or mobile, can also be combined with the TR or TRG rewinders. The heavy duty and mobile KTU devices can be used to collect the heaviest drums straight from the warehouse for rewinding by a second winding device.

To prevent the drum from over travelling, particularly with heavy cables of up to 100 mm in diameter and more, disc brakes can be placed on the shafts at the front. The TR, TRG and KTU winding devices offer unlimited possibilities for processing any type of cable. If you provide us with details of your tasks, we will be happy to suggest a solution for you.