Videos for sector Power Cable Laying

Cable drum trailer with remote control

Pilot rope winch 5 kN, SBS 510

Videos for sector Fibre Optic Cable Installation

Calibration and pressure test of cable conduits Ø 50 x 4,6 mm

Jetting-in subducts with the SuperJet 

IntelliJet device with data storage 

Jetting-in of mini cables with the MiniJet 

Jetting-in of micro cables with the MicroJet 

Indoor-Installation of micro cables with Ultimaz P2P-V20

Calibration sets für subducts MKV 0810-1116

Cable conduit saw SRS 6.1

Videos for the sector of inhouse cable installation

Jetting-in micro cables, in the Vetter-Indoor duct test plant

Flammability test of Indoor-Speed-Pipes

Videos for the sector cable winding technics

Universal cable coiling and spooling machin DE 30SF

Cable drum and coiling machine DTR 100FH

Cable drum and coiling machine TR 147FH

Rewinding system DVR 167H + TR 147FH