Vetter projects and planning

High-voltage cable systems

Vetter is involved in the planning and execution of major projects worldwide:

  • BEWAG 400 kV cable system in Berlin. Subterranean cable tunnel of 13 km
  • NGC 400 kV cable system in London, subterranean cable tunnel of 22 km
  • Construction of similar cable systems in China, Taiwan and other countries

Telecommunications cable systems

  • Rollout of and training for major fibre optic cable projects in Europe.
  • Rollout of the 1700 km-long fibre optic line through Kazakhstan.
  • Development of the infrastructure over 3800 km of fibre optic cable in Romania.
  • Start-up of the first 3000 km fibre optic cable in Nigeria and other countries.
  • First flow-directed injection of 10 km of fibre optic cable from a single position.

Overhead line systems

Besides the usual involvement in medium and high-voltage overhead lines, our participation in the Bosporus crossing, one of the world's largest overhead lines, was of special importance.