Blowing-in fibre optic cables

The most important question here is: Which cable can be injected into which pipe, over what length? Using the globally successful “Cablejet” system, cable lengths of several kilometres can be injected tension-free even into the most complicated of routes and under the most difficult of circumstances. Countless horizontal bends and snaking lines go virtually unnoticed. A second and even a third cable can also be injected into the pipe.

The whole topic is too extensive to deal with here. You’ll find full details in the Vetter system description “Tension-free CableJet injection system”. Mini and micro-cable systems are increasingly playing a greater role. We are always right up to date in this area and can provide you with all the information you need.

For a successful fibre optic cable installation, special training is a great advantage. To this end, you can obtain extensive theoretical and practical knowledge by attending the Vetter seminars.



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