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1 Cable drum and coiling machines

Cable drum and coiling machines for cables and wires. For use in cable stores at distributors, industrial plants etc. Winding and measuring from drum to drum or to coil. Machine in stable steel construction. Drum shaft for bores from 60 mm with cones clamped by hand. Cable traversing with ball bearings to mount length measuring equipment LM 20 - LM 40, moving by hands. Electronic pre-set counter included as standard equipment. Included safety cage with automatic switch-off. Easy displacement through big wheels. Further accessory see below.
• For winding from drum to drum or von drum to coils.
• Frequency controlled drive with soft start and soft stop
• Winding speed 15-80 rpm
• DTR .... F -drum lifting by hand-hydraulic.
• DTR .... FH - drum lift by electro-hydraulic
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Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322382
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322387
CodeTypeC-D Drum-D E-motor SWL L/W/H m kg
322380 DTR 80F3-35 400-800 1,1 kW/230 V 400 kg 1,6/1,4/1,4 315,00
322382 DTR 80FH3-35 400-800 1,1 kW/230 V 400 kg 1,6/1,4/1,4 341,00
322387 DTR 100FH3-40 400-1000 1,5 kW/400 V 800 kg 1,8/1,7/2,0 500,00
2 Cable and wire length measuring machines

Cable and wire length measuring machines for stationary applications in connection with all cable winding machines. Very robust steel construction. Due to the big perimeter of 1,00 m the accuracy is ± 0,2 %, figure height 7 mm. Approved by the German Federal Physical and Technical Institute (PTB). Max. measuring speed 70 m/min. Please ask for an extensive offer.
• Types LM ... only for insulated cables, types LM ... S also for bare metal goods.
• The measuring accuracy of all LM machines is of ± 0,2 %.
• The accuracy refers to a cable length of at least 20 m.
• Basic machine with mech. counter, electronic pre-counter for autom. cut-off as accessory.
• In the winding machines DTR/TR/TRG the electronic pre-set counter is installed as standard.
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322736
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Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322742
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CodeTypeCable-D Steel rope L/W/H mm kg
322736 LM 201-20 mm no 360/280/400 13,30
322737 LM 20S1-20 mm 1-8 mm 360/280/400 13,70
322742 LM 403-40 mm no 550/300/420 28,50
322743 LM 40S3-40 mm 3-22 mm 550/300/420 28,50
3 Leading bushings

Leading bushings for thin cables and ropes to length machine LM 20 and LM 20 S. Set of 2 paces., easy to change.
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322738
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322739
CodeTypeSuitable for Cable/wire-D Mounted kg
322738 BU 06LM 20/20 S <= 5 mm no, accessory 0,16
322739 BU 14LM 20/20 S <= 12 mm yes, LM 20 S 0,16
4 Leading rollers

Leading in- and out rollers for fitting on cable length measuring machines LM 20 and LM 20 S. 4 steel rollers
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322741
CodeTypeSuitable for Cable/wire-D kg
322741 ER 20LM 20/20 S max. 20 mm 1,20
5 Roller bow

Roller bow for unwinding cables from drum of upper drum stands. For fitting at cable length measuring machines LM. Steel rollers D 25 mm.
• Type RB 4090 and 6090 - 90° deviation for unwinding from upper drum stands, 15 steel rollers.
• Type RB 4018 and 6018 - 180° deviation for unwinding drums from opposite drum stands, 17 steel rollers.
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322783
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322784
CodeTypeSuitable for Cable-D Passage Deviation L/W/H mm kg
322783 RB 4090LM 40/40 S max. 40 mm 45x45 mm 90° 400x180x380 10,10
322784 RB 4018LM 40/40 S max. 40 mm 45x45 mm 180° 400x180x450 11,00
6 Calibration of length meters

Official calibration by authorized institute before dispatching the measuring machines LM 20-LM 80 S.
• EI 01 - official calibration is necessary if cables are sold per meter to customers.
• First official calibration can be done before supplying the winding machineries.
• Repeating calibration have to be carried out in intervals of two years on customers place.
• KA 01 - no official calibration by the supplier replaces in many cases the official calibration.
• KA 01 - very suitable for your own ISO 9000 Certification
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322791
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322795
CodeType kg
322791 EI 01 0,02
322795 KA 01 0,02
7 Hand cutter

Cable or rope hand cutter including fixing plate for mounting on cable length measuring machines LM 20-40.
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322810
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322812
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322815
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322816
CodeTypeSuitable for For cable-D For steel ropes kg
322810 HK 35LM 20 35 mm no 5,80
322812 HS 35LM 20 S 10 mm 10 mm 6,30
322815 HK 40LM 40 40 mm no 5,30
322816 HS 40LM 40 S 14 mm 14 mm 4,80
8 Cable cutting head, hydraulic

Cable cutting head, hydraulic for mounting on cable length measuring machines types LM, for cutting insulated CU- and AL-cables, not for steel ropes.
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322818
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322821
CodeTypeSuitable for For cable-D For steel ropes kg
322818 HK 40HLM 40 40 mm no 11,00
322821 HK 60HLM 60 60 mm no 14,50
9 Cutting-off machine

Cutting-off machine for cables and ropes, suitable for CU, Al, ST. Range of diameter see table below.
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322802
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322804
CodeTypeSuitable for For CU / AL cable For steel ropes kg
322802 TD 40LM 40 up to D 22 mm up to D 22 mm 11,00
322804 TD 60LM 60 up to D 32 mm up to D 32 mm 14,50
10 Coil winder collapsible

Coil winder collapsible, cylindrical, adjustable in width. For fast serving of cable rings, including cable loop for fixing the cable head on the coil winder. As accessory also available eccentric clamp code 322.875, KE 41 for cable-D 1-40 mm.
• After winding procedure the ring will be served through the spokes.
• To take away the ring the coil winders flange will be folded down.
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322654
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322656
CodeTypeC-winder to Coil winder dimension Cable-D/m SWL kg
322654 DTW 80VKDTR 80 FH D 800/420, int. 90-200 10/600, 30/50 150 kg 37,00
322656 DTW 100VKDTR 100 FH D 1000/450, int. 100-250 10/1200, 30/130 200 kg 39,00
11 Cable loops

Cable loops for fixing the cable head to the coil winder for winding procedure.
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322870
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322871
CodeTypeSuitable for Length Steel rope-D kg
322870 KS 300all coil winders 300 mm 2,0 mm 0,02
322871 KS 500all coil winders 500 mm 2,5 mm 0,03
12 Electronic cable traversing

Automatic electronic cable traversing unit to DTR 80 and DTR 100. Adjustment return points and cable diameter electronic with key button and rotary switch on the control panel. Incl. cable layering arm VA 20 for sensitive cables.
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322834
CodeTypeSuitable for For cable-D kg
322834 REL 26DDTR 80-100 3-40 mm 16,00
13 Layering-over arm telescopic

Layering-over arm telescopic for traversing sensitive cables to REL 26D on DTR machines
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322786
CodeTypeSuitable for For cable-D Machine kg
322786 VA 20DTR 80-100 3-40 mm LM 20/40/60 8,00
14 Control arm

Control arm with nivomat to prevent from damage of Fibre Optic and sensitive CU-cables up to D 12 mm during winding process. Light control arm of aluminium, length approx. 1050 mm, bending radius R 150 mm, with adjustable weights to the winding process. Arm is easy removable for winding of heavier cables.
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322720
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322723
CodeTypeSuitable for For cable-D Length kg
322720 SAA 20LM 20 12 mm 1050 mm 8,00
322723 SAA 40LM 40 12 mm 1050 mm 10,00
15 Laser-Pointer

Laser-Pointer for easy and accurate adjustment of cable traversing on DTR and TR winding machines. Fixing on layering arm or length measuring device LM 20-80
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322839
CodeTypeColour To mount kg
322839 LP 10red on LM 20 - 80 5,00
16 Moving equipment, hydr.

Moving equipment for hydraulic lift of the winding machine and for displacement by electric motor drive.
Bobinador électricas,rebobinador,322974
CodeTypeSuitable for Suitable for Lifting Running kg
322974 HG 200HITMDTR 100 FH TR 250-256 Hydraulic Electro motor 65,00
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