1 | SuperJet for FOC D 12-34 mm
SuperJet for tension-free blowing-in of bigger fibre optic cables and bundles of sub ducts D 7-14 mm each. A very long belt drive of 330 mm secures a correct guide of cables and sub ducts. With digital length and speed meter. Including hydraulic power pack with petrol engine and control instruments. Worldwide thousand fold proven blowing machine. For successful blowing-in of big length, in ducts of D 50 mm a compressor of 12 bar and 10 m³/min. is necessary. Basic machine without belts, cable and duct inserts. See accessory below. Basic equipment consist of the following details:
Petrol-hydraulic pack with hoses
Length- and speed meter
Ball valve 1 1/2" with screw couplings.
Air pressure hose 1 1/2", length 10 m.
Compressor of min. 10 m³/12 bar for duct dia. 50x4,6 mm
SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,410314
CodeTypeCable-D Subducts Creeper band Duct-D kg
410314 SJH 3414-32 mm D 7-14 mm 330 mm 28-63 mm 125,00
2 | Creeper chain for cables
Creeper chain with rubber cams for blowing-in cables of D 14-32 mm with the SuperJet. Two are required.

Creeper chain for cables,042500209
Creeper chain for cables,0425002095
CodeTypeSuitable for Cable-D Required kg
042500209 PRO 0820SuperJet 14-32 mm 2 pcs. 1,60
0425002095 PRS 0821SuperJet Chain joint 2 pcs. 0,02
3 | Driving chains for sub ducts
Driving chains for blowing-in subducts with the SuperJet, combination see table below.

Driving chains for sub ducts,42107007
Driving chains for sub ducts,42107010
Driving chains for sub ducts,42111005
Driving chains for sub ducts,42111007
Driving chains for sub ducts,42111205
Driving chains for sub ducts,42111207
CodeTypeDuct-OD Subducts In duct-OD kg
42107007 KET 7/0077 mm 7 pcs. 50 or 40 4,70
42107010 KET 7/0107 mm 10 pcs. 50 or 40 4,70
42111005 KET 10/34510 mm 3/4/5 pcs. 50 or 40 4,85
42111007 KET 10/00710 mm 7 pcs. 50 4,70
42111205 KET 12/34512 mm 3/4/5 pcs. 50 or 40 10,20
42111207 KET 12/00712 mm 7 pcs. 63 4,70
42111403 KET 14/02314 mm 2/3 pcs 50 5,20
42111404 KET 14/00414 mm 4 pcs. 50 11,00
4 | Flat rubber chain
Flat rubber chain single incl. chain joint. This chain is mounted on the bottom to complete the existing chain of 5x7 / 5x10 and 5x12 for further subducts of 2x7 / 3x7 / 2x10 and 2x12 mm.

Driving chains for sub ducts,042113931
CodeTypeDuct-OD Subducts In duct-OD kg
042113931 Flat chainsee text see text 50 or 40 1,00
5 | Cable inserts
Cable inserts suitable to CableJet and SuperJet. Also necessary for the Y-piece to blow-in a second or third cable in one duct. One set of cable sealing for the hole range of cable diameters is included.

SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,41015014
SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,41015015
SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,41015018
SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,41015022
SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,41015024
SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,41015028
SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,41015032
CodeTypeCable-D kg
41015014 KEJ 1412,5-14,0 0,44
41015015 KEJ 1514,0-15,5 0,44
41015018 KEJ 1815,5-18,0 0,45
41015022 KEJ 2217,5-22,0 0,41
41015024 KEJ 2422,0-24,0 0,45
41015028 KEJ 2824,0-28,0 0,41
41015032 KEJ 3228,0-32,0 0,41
6 | Cable sealing
Cable sealing for CableJet. These are also useable in the Y-piece for blowing-in of further cables in the same duct.

SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,415140
SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,415150
SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,415180
SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,41518018
SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,415200
SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,41520020
SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,41522022
SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,415230
SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,415280
SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,41528028
SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,41535030
SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,41535033
CodeTypeCable-D Set of kg
415140 KDR 1412,5-14,0 20 halved seals 0,01
415150 KDR 1514,0-15,5 20 halved seals 0,02
415180 KDR 18/1615,0-16,0 20 halved seals 0,02
41518018 KDR 18/1816,0-18,0 mm 27 halved seals 0,02
415200 KDR 20/1817,0-18,0 20 halved seals 0,04
41520020 KDR 20/2018,0-20,0 mm 29 halved seals 0,04
41522022 KDR 20/2220,0-22,0 mm 20 halved seals 0,04
415230 KDR 2422,0-24,0 20 halved seals 0,03
415280 KDR 2523,0-25,0 20 halved seals 0,05
41528028 KDR 2825,0-28,0 mm 20 halved seals 0,05
41535030 KDR 32/3028,0-30,0 mm 20 halved seals 0,12
41535033 KDR 32/3230,0-32,0 mm 20 halved seals 0,12
7 | Subduct chain inserts
Subduct chain inserts suitable to SuperJet to blow-in a bundle of subducts. Sealing set is included. Suitable to chains see table below.

SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,41015035
SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,41015042
CodeTypeFor subduct chains KET kg
41015035 SDJ 367/007 (7/010) (10/345) (10/007) 0,36
41015042 SDJ 4212/345 (12/0079) (14/023) (14/004) 0,36
8 | Subduct sealing
Subduct-sealing to subduct-inserts for SuperJet.

SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,41535038
SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,41542044
CodeTypeFor insert Set of kg
41535038 SDR 36SDJ 36 4 halved seals 0,01
41542044 SDR 42SDJ 37 2 complete seal 0,06
9 | Duct inserts
Duct inserts suitable to CableJet, SuperJet. Also necessary for the Y-piece to blow-in a second or third cable in one duct.

SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,41018032
SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,41018040
SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,41018050
SuperJet for FOC D 12-37 mm,41018063
CodeTypeDuct-OD kg
41018032 REJ 3232 mm 1,40
41018040 REJ 4040 mm 1,40
41018050 REJ 5050 mm 1,40
41018063 REJ 6363 mm 1,40
10 | Drum unwinding stand
Drum transporting and unwinding stand for subduct drums of different suppliers. For several application e.g. on platforms of trucks or for placing on the ground or on the trailer TRA 8120, see below. Equipped with 2 lightweight aluminium shafts D 75 mm with 2 clamps and 6 spacer tubes.
Drum unwinding stand dismounted for shipment ex works. With small efforts the customer can screw it together. If not used for longer time, it can again be dismounted and stocked at a very small place.
pcs.urdy steel construction, hot galvanized, screw mounted, easy dismountable for transport
Pay load for 8 full subduct drums, total 2500 kg possible
Two crank spindles to lift the stand for unwind the subducts in any position
Drum stand,subduct unwinding stand,344100
CodeTypeDrum-D Drum width Int. width L/W/H mm kg
344100 TRG 8120max. 1200 max. 440 2160 mm 2770/2330/770 277,00
11 | Platform Trailer
Tandem trailer prepared for mounting the drum unwinding stand TRG 8120 or for universal use for other goods. Height adjustable draw bar with overrun and parking brake. With eye and interchangeable ball coupling. Two rear crank spindles. Chamber to lodge the aluminium loading ramps. accessory 4 folding down alu-boards and 2 aluminium loading ramps. Trailer checked by Technical Inspection Agency.

Drum stand,subduct unwinding stand,344300
CodeTypeTotal Pay load Hitch load L/W/H mm kg
344300 TRA 81202000 kg 1245 kg 100 kg 5430/2450/600 800,00
12 | Aluminium boards to trailer
Folding down aluminium boards to tandem trailer, four parts, height 300 mm.

Drum stand,subduct unwinding stand,drum unwinding stand,344301
CodeTypeHeight kg
344301 TRA Board300 mm 50,00
13 | Drum loading ramps
Drum loading ramps, light aluminium construction for easy loading subduct drums on the trailer by only one person.

Drum loading ramps,344302
CodeTypeSuitable to Dimension kg
344302 TRA RampTRA 8120 2500x300x55 mm 20,00
14 | Cable bundle stand
Bundle stand, triangle changeable up or downgrade, on tripod with height adjustment, steel construction galvanized.

Sub duct bundle stand,203910
CodeTypeRoller-D Mat. SWL L/W/H mm kg
203910 BNB 342x320 pcs.eel 200 kg 900x900x1300 13,20
15 | Air distributer for sub ducts
Air distributer device for 8 sub ducts

Sub duct bundle stand,275629
Sub duct bundle stand,275631
CodeTypeSubducts Duct-OD kg
275629 DVA 108 pcs. 10 mm 2,44
275631 DVA 128 pcs. 12 mm 2,80
16 | Spiral air hose for sub ducts
Spiral air hose with coupling for air filling of sub ducts

Spiral air hose for sub ducts,275633
CodeTypeDuct-OD kg
275633 SPS 127-14 mm 0,75
17 | Air connector for sub-ducts
Sealing end with air connector and manometer for blowing up sub ducts .

CodeTypeDuct-OD kg
275620 VKM 10S10 mm 0,46
275625 VKM 12S12 mm 0,48
18 | Air connector for sub-ducts
Air connector for blowing up single sub ducts .

CodeTypeDuct-OD kg
275610 DAS 42K7-14 mm 0,44
19 | Plug and pulling head
Plug, blowing and pulling head of aluminium for subducts

Valves for sub ducts,2739904
Valves for sub ducts,2739908
Valves for sub ducts,2739912
Valves for sub ducts,2739914
Valves for sub ducts,2739922
Valves for sub ducts,2739926
CodeTypeFor duct-D Set of Size kg
2739904 SDV 07077x0,75 mm 10 pcs. D 7,2x44 mm 0,51
2739908 SDV 07157x1,50 mm 10 pcs. D 7,2x40 mm 0,51
2739912 SDV 101010x1,00 mm 10 pcs. D 10,2x50 mm 0,22
2739914 SDV 121112x1,10 mm 5 pcs. D 12,2x50 mm 0,12
2739922 SDV 141314x1,30 mm 5 pcs. D 14,2x50 mm 0,11
2739926 SDV 142014x2,00 mm 5 pcs. D 14,2x50 mm 0,16
20 | Air regulator valves for sub-ducts
Air regulator valves with tripod and 5 m exit hose. Entry hose as accessory. An important regulator for calibration and pressure tests of cable conduits and to pressure of subducts prior blowing in conduits.

Valves for sub ducts,23163016
Valves for sub ducts,231655
Pneumatic air regulator,23163007
CodeTypePressure Hose kg
23163016 DLR 160-16 bar Exit 5 m 11,30
231655 KFS 5/10-16 bar Entry 5 m accessory 2,20
23163007 DLR 100-10 bar Exit 5 m 11,30
21 | Air pressure testing unit
Air pressure testing unit for subducts. Complete set with 7 manometers and valves. Without hoses, in alu case.

Valves for sub ducts,275640
CodeTypeSubducts Pressure Alu-Case kg
275640 RDP 77 pcs. 0-10 bar 780/310/280 26,00
22 | Duct coupling and plug for testing subducts
Duct coupling and plug for testing subducts

Valves for sub ducts,275635
Valves for sub ducts,275636
Valves for sub ducts,275645
Valves for sub ducts,275646
CodeTypeArticle Duct-ID Pressure kg
275635 AKM 10Coupling 10x1,0 mm 6 bar 0,05
275636 AKM 12Coupling 12x1,0 + 1,1 mm 6 bar 0,10
275645 VST 10Plug 10x1,0 mm 6 bar 0,07
275646 VST 12Plug 12x1,0 + 1,1 mm 6 bar 0,13
23 | Subduct calibration sets
The calibration sets MKV 0810 and MKV 1116 in conjunction with the micro- transmitter SKS 6 (code-no. 231941) are destined for the calibration of subducts with an internal diameter 8,0 to 16,0 mm. The calibration can be done for single subducts as well as for multi subducts. By the calibration defects or blockages on the subducts can be detected in advance thus a good blowing-in performance can be achieved.
The MKV 0810 set contains two calibres with different diameters for the calibration of subducts with internal diameter 8,0 or 9,8-10,0 mm. The MKV 1116 set contains three different calibres for testing subducts of ID 11,4-16,0 mm. The calibres are easily screwed onto the micro-transmitter and blown through the subducts by air-pressure. The set also contains all essential connectors, reducing nipples as well as a catcher for the micro-transmitter. The catcher has to be used in order to avoid damages to the micro-transmitter. The air-pressure for the calibration has to be limited to max. 4 bars for MKV 0810 and to max. 2 bars for MKV 1116. By applying a higher pressure the micro-transmitter might be damaged by hitting duct blockages or by hard crashing into the catcher at the very end. The set contains the following parts:
MKV 0810 with: each 3 calibre D 6,8 for ID 8,0 / 3 calibre D 8,5 for ID 9,8-10
MKV 1116 with: each 3 calibre D 9,5 / ID 11,4-12 / 3 calibre D 11,0 / ID 15-16 / 3 calibre D 12,5 / ID 15-16 mm.
6 washers to each calibre
5 sponges for each calibre. 1 general catcher and different connectors and duct-reducers
Depending on the duct diameters different air connectors are necessary, see the following tables.
SKS 06, Detection frequency 33 kHz, detection depth in the ground max. 2,0 m
CodeTypeDevice Subduct-ID Case kg
231950 MKV 0810Calibration set 8-10 mm 180x140x80 mm 1,43
231952 MKV 1116Calibration set 11,4-16 mm 442x357x151 mm 5,00
231941 SKS 06Micro transmitter D 6,5x84 mm -- 0,04
231943 BAT 06Set of batteries 10 each -- 0,04
24 | Detection of multi ducts with average duct in the centre
Multi ducts can be detected in short distances through the average duct of dia. 12x2,0 or 14x2,0 mm laying in the centre. The micro transmitter SKS 06 of diam. 6,4 mm is screwed on the M5 thread of the mini-rod diam. 3 mm. The obtainable pushing length depends on the local condition but is limited anyway by the max. length of the mini rod of 50 m. Using lubricant relieves pushing and pulling back the transmitter. Detection depth in the ground is max. 2 m. The yellow or red mini rod can be used for inserting the micro transmitter.

Cable lubricant,235130
CodeTypeDevice Subduct-ID kg
231941 SKS 06Micro transmitter from 8 mm 0,04
231943 BAT 06Battery set --- 0,04
211006 RS 3-50Mini rod --- 1,50
235130 J-35VLubricant --- 1,00
25 | Detector for micro transmitter in subducts
Detector with 8 batteries, without transmitter. For precise localisation of non-metallic conduits, and to find blockages with the conduit rods yellow or red D 3,0 mm. The following configuration is possible:
Yellow conduit rod with screwed on micro transmitter for spot or blockage detection
Detector for non-metallic conduits,231611
CodeTypeFrequency Transmitter L/W/H mm kg
231611 CAT4+33 kHz, without 255/70/725 2,20
26 | Air connector for calibration sets
Air connector for subduct calibration sets.

Included in MicroJet PRM 196 and in Minijet P 02.
CodeTypeDuct-OD Pressure kg
275766 DAM 1010 mm up to 10 bar 0,08
27 | Air connectors for calibration sets
Air connectors for subduct calibration sets.

Conduit coupling plugs,275750
Conduit coupling plugs,275752
Conduit coupling plugs,275754
Conduit coupling plugs,275756
CodeTypeDuct-OD Pressure kg
275750 DAK 1010 mm up to 6 bar 0,39
275752 DAK 1212 mm up to 6 bar 0,41
275754 DAK 1414 mm up to 6 bar 0,40
275756 DAK 1616 mm up to 6 bar 0,50
28 | Subduct-plugs of metal
Subduct-plugs of metal with plug-in coupling, for max. pressure 6 bars

CodeTypeDuct-OD Pressure kg
275770 DEM 1010 mm up to 6 bar 0,07
275771 DEM 1212 mm up to 6 bar 0,13
275772 DEM 1414 mm up to 6 bar 0,20
275773 DEM 1616 mm up to 6 bar 0,20
29 | Conduit plug for duct-OD
Conduit plug for fixing on duct-OD with hose safety coupling applicable for duct calibration, duct pressure tests, duct cleaning etc.

Duct couplings,duct plugs,2316512
CodeTypeDuct-OD Pressure kg
2316512 KRA 2020 mm up to 6 bar 0,40
30 | Sealing plug
Conduit sealing plug applicable for duct pressure tests.

Duct couplings,duct plugs,273569
CodeTypeDuct OD Pressure kg
273569 ENSA 2020 mm up to 6 bar 0,07
31 | Air regulator for calibration sets
Air regulator with manometer for subduct calibration set.

Included in MicroJet PRM 196
Conduit coupling plugs,275744
CodeTypeAdjustable kg
275744 DMM 160-16 bar 1,43
32 | Air regulator for calibration sets
Air regulator with manometer for subduct calibration set.

With safety couplings for air pressure hoses.
Conduit coupling plugs,275724
CodeTypeAdjustable kg
275724 DMP 160-16 bar 1,90
33 | Air regulator on tripod
Air regulator valves with tripod and 5 m exit hose. An important regulator for calibration and pressure tests of cable conduits and to pressure of subducts prior blowing in conduits.

Included in duct calibration set RKV 40.
Pneumatic air regulator,23163007
CodeTypeAdjustable Hose kg
23163007 DLR 100-10 bar Exit 5 m 11,30
34 | Conduit cutters
Conduit cutters for plain cuts.

CodeTypeDuct-OD Length kg
273171 MRS 43to 42 mm 215 mm 0,45
273172 MRS 50to 50 mm 265 mm 0,60
273173 MRS 63to 63 mm 285 mm 0,70
273174 MRS 75to 75 mm 485 mm 1,60
35 | Burring tools
Burring tools for in- and outside of plastic conduits.

Paring knife MSM 40, for separating multiple conduits.
Burring tools,273190
Burring tools,273180
Paring knife,273200
CodeTypeDuct-OD Burring Mat. kg
273190 MRE 6328-63 mm only extern Poly 0,20
273180 MRE 5028-50 mm ext. /intern Alu 0,43
273200 MSM 40Paring knife - pcs.eel 0,50
36 | Conduit and cable slitter
Conduit slitter for lengthwise and circumferential slitting of plastic conduits and cable covers. Complete reinforced steel version. In case 195x75x45 mm.

CodeTypeUp to wall thickness L/W/H mm kg
255905 KMS 66 mm 195x75x45 0,35
255910 ERM 6Spare knife -- 0,03
37 | Sub duct slitter
Sub duct slitter for lengthwise slitting. Supplied with a protecting cap.

CodeTypeSubduct occupied Subduct empty Wall thickness L/W/H mm kg
255942 MLS 20from D 10x1,00 from 8x2,00 to 2,00 mm 125x50x30 0,07
38 | Sub duct slitter
Sub duct slitter for lengthwise slitting and circumferential slitting of plastic conduits and cable covers. Cutter for empty and occupied subducts and dismantler for multiducts. Special thin and grinded turning guide shoe blade. Special shape of handle reduces danger of injury. Incl. 2 spare turning blades, e.g. 4 single blades.

CodeTypeSubduct occupied Subduct empty Wall thickness L/W/H mm kg
255950 MLS 22from D 7x1,50 from 5x0,75 to 2,00 mm 150x100x27 0,70
255955 MLE 22Spare knife for LMS 22 0,02
39 | Sub duct slitter
Sub duct slitter for lengthwise slitting of plastic conduits and cable covers. Cutter for empty and occupied subducts and dismantler for multiducts. Special thin and guide shoe blade suitable for smallest subducts, see table below. Through automatic retracting of the blade damages of the cable and danger of injuries are reduced.
MLS 25 with special thin and guide shoe blade grinded for smallest subducts from D 4x0,5 mm.
MLS 26 with standard thin and guide shoe blade for smalle subducts from D 7x1,5 mm.
CodeTypeDuct occupied Duct empty Wall L/W/H mm kg
255952 MLS 25from D 4x0,50 from D 4x0,50 up to 1,50 160x60x22 0,09
255953 MLS 26from D 7x1,50 from D 7x1,50 up to 1,50 160x60x22 0,10
255956 MLE 25Spare knife for LMS 25 up to 1,50 --- 0,02
255957 MLE 26Spare knife for LMS 26 up to 1,50 --- 0,02
40 | Duct cutter
Duct cutter for occupied or empty subducts.

CodeTypeDuct-OD For ducts kg
272400 SDC 03143-14 mm occupied and empty 0,02
41 | Duct cutting tongs
Duct cutting tongs, only for use with empty subducts.

CodeTypeDuct-OD For ducts kg
272410 RSK 02142-14 mm only for empty 0,10
272414 RSK 05255-25 mm only for empty 0,28
42 | Burring tool
Burring tool for in- and outside of plastic conduits. Of lightweight aluminium

Burring tools,273175
CodeTypeDuct-OD Dimension kg
273175 MRE 263-26 mm D 36x90 mm 0,39
43 | Cable conduit saw
The cable conduit saw SRS 6 is suitable for cutting occupied and unoccupied cable conduits at an outer diameter of 32-150 mm and at a wall thickness up to 6 mm. The saw can precisely cut lengthwise and crosswise and can also precisely cut windows into the cable conduit. Especially for long cuts on the cable conduits which are necessary for cable line redirections the great benefits of this saw pay off. The cutting depth can be precisely adjusted to a tense of a millimetre by an adjustment mechanism thus the cables inside the cable conduit are well-protected. The cutting depth has always to be set 0,2 mm less than the conduits wall thickness. The remaining very thin plastic membrane will be removed by a lifter tool thus the cable is also protected during this final step.
The conduit guiding plates allow a high safety at work as well as accurate cuts. The guiding plates are available for the below mentioned conduit-diameters. The cordless saw is handy and small in order to be fit for application also in narrow working conditions its weight is below 2 kg. Included in delivery are the following parts:
Accu-saw with high-quality blade hard metal equipped and 2 accus with 1 charger
Adapter for the conduit guiding plates with precise adjustment of the cutting depth
Sliding calliper and lifter for the window-cutting
Packed and delivered in robust box, 445x355x255 mm, weight app.. 6,0 kg
Only approx. 1,9 kg of weight for comfortable application
Cable conduit saw,273210
Cable conduit saw,273228
Cable conduit saw,273230
Cable conduit saw,273232
Cable conduit saw,273234
Cable conduit saw,273237
Cable conduit saw,273222
CodeTypeDevice For cond-OD kg
273210 SRS 6Saw as described above 32-150 mm 8,00
273228 RFP 32Conduit guide plate 32 mm 0,35
273230 RFP 40Conduit guide plate 40 mm 0,32
273232 RFP 50Conduit guide plate 50 mm 0,26
273234 RFP 63Conduit guide plate 63 mm 0,26
273237 RFP 64+Conduit guide plate 64-150 mm 0,20
273222 ESB 6Spare blade -- 0,03
44 | Lubricant for FOC
Jettinglube lubricant for blowing-in fibre optic cables. Excellent lubricating effect. Adheres to the duct wall and leaves the cable nearly dry, an advantage for over blowing and working in cascades with further blowing machines. Consumption approx. 0,5 l per 1000 m at duct-ID 40 mm. For other duct-ID analogue

For lubrication unique and ultimate classification, Water pollution class - non-hazardous, acc. to VCI-Conception. Safety data sheets are available.
Cable lubricant,234960
Cable lubricant,234965
Cable lubricant,234970
CodeTypePacking drums kg
234960 CJL 10321 bottle 0,95 l 1,00
234965 CJL 103212 bottles 0,95 l 12,00
234970 CJL 3784 bottles 3,80 l 16,00
45 | Lubricant liquid
Cable lubricant Softenol, liquid, for blowing-in and for pulling-in fibre optic cables.

For lubrication unique and ultimate classification, Water pollution class - non-hazardous, acc. to VCI-Conception. Safety data sheets are available.
Cable lubricant,235800
Cable lubricant,235810
Cable lubricant,235830
Cable lubricant,235890
CodeTypePacking drums kg
235800 SOF 051 canister 5 l 5,60
235810 SOF 101 canister 10 l 11,00
235830 SOF 251 canister 25 l 26,50
235890 SOF 1901 barrel 190 l 200,00
46 | Duct cleaning sponge
Sponge for duct cleaning and pre-lubricating prior to cable blowing

Duct cleaning sponge,275408
Duct cleaning sponge,275410
Duct cleaning sponge,275412
Duct cleaning sponge,275414
CodeTypeDuct-OD Duct-ID Cellular kg
275408 RSM 3232 mm 28 mm D 45x90 mm 0,01
275410 RSM 4040 mm 35 mm D 55x90 mm 0,01
275412 RSM 5050 mm 40 mm D 65x90 mm 0,01
275414 RSM 6363 mm 51 mm D 78x90 mm 0,02
47 | Compressor diesel engine
High powered compressors for blowing-in bigger fibre optic cables. Suitable for CableJet and SuperJet and for duct ID up to 41 mm. Mounted on single axle trailer with height adjustable overrun drawbar. Incl. Diesel-Oxidation filter and particle filter.
Deutz Diesel-engine, 105 kW. Compressor dimension: 5180x2130x1790
Flow rate 10,70 m³, at 12 bar working pressure
With integrated after cooler and water separator.
Incl. Diesel-Oxidation filter and particle filter
CodeTypeCompressed air Pressure Duct-D Cable-D kg
960137 M 13010,70 m³/min. 12 bar up to ID 40 to 30 mm 2.500,00
48 | Pressure release valve
Pressure release valve with sound absorber for compressors. Max. pressure 15 bar.

CodeTypePressure For compressors kg
096010038 EVK 3415 bar MK 17 / M 31 1,30
275220 EVK 1515 bar M 130 2,70