1 | Cable mounting and fixing systems
Cable mounting and fixing systems of high voltage cables 110-520 kV. We design complete cable plants in tunnels and power station. For this we supply:
Engineering and complete mounting and fixing equipment.
The cable pull calculation and the procedure of the cable laying.
The complete program of machinery and tools.
References: Berlin, London, China, Taiwan, Merowe-reservoir dam and others.
Please provide us with techn. details of cable, tunnel and laying design.
If you send us plans you will get a first layout.
CodeTypeTunnel Cable kg
287000 TunnelD 3 m, length 13 km 380 kV 0,00
2 | Cable mounting in angles
Cable mounting and fixing in angles for safe guiding the cable during pulling from vertical in horizontal direction.
This mounting system allows pulling of heaviest cables with relatively low forces.
Big cable lengths of 1000 m and more can be pulled in through a ball bearing roller system.
Immediately after cable pulling the cables is situated in the final fixing position.
CodeTypeBows Rad. kg
287000 Bowsin each angle from 2-4 m 0,00
3 | Cable mounting in slopes
Cable mounting in slopes. This system offers in steep slopes an ideal cable fixing through the long saddle supports.
Especially for slope channel calculations and constructions are necessary.
CodeTypePlants with slopes kg
287000 SlopesDone to a slope of 23° 0,00
4 | Cable pulling and fixing
Cable pulling is realized directly into the final cable saddle system.
Fixing of the system, of the brackets and saddles is simple and fast.
Cable saddles of antimagnetic stainless steel, all other parts of steel hot galvanized.
Side moving or any other movements of the cables is not necessary after the cable pull.
For this the cables will be handled very carefully.
The final mounting costs are strongly reduced.
,Cable-saddles,Système de montage de câble,Alta tensión,220kV,400kV,550kV,287000,Saddles
CodeTypeCable saddle Saddle lengths kg
287000 Saddlesfor C-D 90-160 400-800 0,00
5 | Cable mounting in vertical shafts
Vertical shafts are a special challenge in cable laying and fixing especially in vertical shafts.
In vertical channels many angles are three-dimensional.
The roller bows are the solution for pulling and afterward for fastening.
CodeTypePlants vertical kg
287000 VerticalsDone down to 180 m. 0,00