1 | Cable drum stands
Cable drum stands for storage and unwinding cables directly from the storage position into the cable winding machines. Length of the stands unlimited, height max. 6 m. In these stands standard cable drums can be shelved. Tell us your needs we submit you a solution.
Suitable for all standard drums of D 400-1800
Special polyamide bushings allow safe unwinding of the cable even from above.
Each cable stand can be adapted to your needs.
For optimizing of your stock we would like to mail you our check list.
You will receive a list of standard components with an offer.
Cable drum stand,324000
CodeTypeDrum-D Drum weight Int. width kg
324000 KTR-Syst400-1800 max. 2 t each 900/1100/1300 0,00
2 | Accessory to cable drum stands
Cable drum shaft for drum stand and polyamide bearings to cable drum stands
Light thin-walled steel tubes
Special polyamide bushings allow safe unwinding of the cables
Cable drum stand,03259230
Cable drum stand,03259232
Cable drum stand,03259234
Cable drum stand,03259236
Cable drum stand,03259237
Cable drum stand,03259238
Cable drum stand,03259245
Cable drum stand,03259246
Cable drum stand,03259247
CodeTypeShaft Bearings kg
03259230 38/900D 38x900 see below 2,00
03259232 51/900D 51x900 see below 2,61
03259234 76/900D 76x900 see below 4,50
03259236 51/1100D 51x1100 see below 5,03
03259237 76/1100D 76x1100 see below 5,50
03259238 76/1300D 76x1300 see below 6,50
03259245 LAB 38--- for shaft-D 38 1,00
03259246 LAB 51--- for shaft-D 51 0,82
03259247 LAB 76--- for shaft-D 76 0,60